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Professional Planning, Evaluating & Managing Consultants

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Using a range of tools, we create individualized plans that best facilitate smart community planning, meet corporate needs or deliver subscriber growth results  - all to ensure our clients' goals are met.
We have served hundreds of voice, video & data companies and property owners, community associations & property managment companies in the state of Florida and across the United States.

Buisness Writing

For over a decade, Paradigm has demonstrated a solid record of successes in the areas of business planning, corporate structuring, and  proforma development. Paradigm has developed - from research/development to publishing/distribution - the following type of corporate documents :

•  Business Plans
•  Marketing Plans
•  Research & Development Documents
•  Operational “Battle” Plans
•  Corporate Communications
•  Appraisals
•  Special Events & Presentations

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Asset Valuation & Portfolio Appraisals

The purpose of a portfolio appraisal is to determine the current fair market value of the company and/or its assets.  Paradigm is uniquely qualified to provide these appraisals as one of the Industry’s leading consulting and brokerage firms for twenty years. Since 1996, the firm has conducted dozens of broadband appraisals for bankers, operators and investors across the nation. We would be honored to perform this function for you.
When evaluating a portfolio, Paradigm examines financial statements, service agreements (along with exhibits and supporting documents) regarding the construction and operation of a broadband portfolio and delivers a qualified, professional portfolio valuation and broadband technology assessment.
Our appraisal process incorporates three (3) distinct methods of evaluating the company: The "Resale Valuation Method", the "Replication Valuation Method", and the "Property Matrix Valuation Method". Usually, we’ll average all three methods and provide a median range that captures all the various aspects of the business by allocating value to each of the components of the enterprise as it exists today.

Campaign Management

Since 1996, Paradigm has successfully accomplished hundreds of marketing campaigns in the broadband technology industry, including: 

•  Start-up Campaigns
•  Growth Campaigns
•  Exit Campaigns
•  Product Launch Campaigns
•  Subscriber Campaigns
•  Portfolio Campaigns
•  Direct Sales Campaigns
•  Training Promotions

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