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Over the last 25 years, PBG has become nationally recognized for its superior performance record in closing thousands of telecommunications transactions for residential and commercial real estate organizations including Property Owners, Property Management Companies, Developers and Development Planners, as well as Condominium and Homeowners Associations.

With voice, video and internet platforms constantly changing, PBG professionals consistently guide decision-makers of commercial and residential communities through the complicated process of choosing the Best Service Provider.

We strive to deliver the most channels, reliable video streaming, fastest Internet speeds, and the most dependable WIFI on the most advance network, under the best terms in the marketplace today - always with a keen eye on future technologies and opportunities.

Today, Paradigm Broadband Group is a dynamic, family-oriented team who reliably deliver broadband solutions with rewarding results.  PBG is paid on performance, based on compensation or savings they negotiate on behalf of our clients' community or business.

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Don Johnson, founder of PBG, is an Industry-leading Broadband Solutions Provider and Subscriber-Based Asset Broker, specializing in cable, internet, voice, and security service negotiations for residential communities and commercial properties.  Co-founder of Paradigm, Mr. Johnson has over 30 years of telecommunications consulting experience. He has negotiated over 2,000 service agreements, term renewals, and bulk contracts in residential properties throughout the United States. He has closed over 300 subscriber-based acquisitions and divestitures, with a long record of successul transactions.



Co-Founder of Paradigm, Heather Johnson is a Business Writer and Campaign Advisor, with over two decades of business, marketing, and event-planning experience, primarily in the broadband and real estate industries. Since 1993, she has consulted for an extensive variety of video, voice and data service providers, real estate organizations, community associations, and telecommunications companies. Her comprehensive business plan writing experience and campaign management skills present Paradigm clients with the opportunity to strategically develop and systematically administer fundraising campaigns, marketing & sales efforts, and special events.



Elyse Johnson is a Community Consultant and was raised in Paradigm, eldest daughter of Don and Heather Johnson. Elyse has witnessed and participated in Paradigm's evolution. She works as an Executive Administrator and Community Consultant for Condo & Homeowner Associations Representation for Broadband Services (Video, Internet, Telephone, Security and Home Automation) Elyse has reimagined PBG's filing systems, updated professional software, built onto the website and maintain Paradigm's social media platforms. She has worked direct sales campaigns starting at 17, and ran them throughout Southeast United States. She controls the community survey process and has created an indispensable place within the "Family business" of catering to our neighbors technological needs.



Tina Johnson is a Community Consultant. Tina was born the year Paradigm was founded and has participated in Paradigm's evolution for the past few years. She is dedicated, creative, and an excellent source of broadband provider information. Tina works directly with community managers and HOA boards to open dialogue on their current provider and how Paradigm can benefit their community. She has represented Paradigm in direct sales campaigns, CAI events, Clayton McCulloh, Ascend and many more meet & greets. Recently, she has worked on innovating Paradigm 2020 company graphics, logos, and marketing materials.

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